Yebba Live at Electric Lady EP
Yebba Live at Electric Lady EP
Photo Credit: Spotify

Yebba Surprise Drops 'Live at Electric Lady' EP Ft. Questlove

The new EP features tracks from Yebba's acclaimed release Dawn.

After releasing her stunning debut album Dawn, Yebba returns to release Live at Electric Lady, an EP.

The five-song project features a compilation of tracks from Dawn, but the tracks are instead reimagined and produced by Yebba’s band leader James Francies. There are also moments featuring the talents Questlove, Pino Palladino, Charles Myers, and more. 

“Louie Bag” is a particularly powerful listen. Alongside live instrumentation, she fleshes this track out and presents a more soulful version of it. Elsewhere, on “One More Smile” and “Paranoia Purple” both of these versions are riveting listens. Yebba’s ability to shapeshift between genres is mainly what makes this EP satisfying. “The Age of Worry” isn’t to be ignored, it’s also a striking addition to the project worth coming back to. 

On the EP, James Francies shared:

“Rerecording some of these songs with fresh eyes and ears really changed the way we approached them. Having the core members of the band from Dawn really brought that feeling of what it was like the past few years when we recorded it. From Questlove, to Pino, to Charles [Myers] and the string quartet, I think we all found comfort in being in a familiar space with familiar people. It felt like a family reunion.”

The Live at Electric Lady EP series is distributed exclusively through Spotify. 

Listen to Yebba’s new EP below.