will.i.am on Contemporary Hip-Hop: "It Doesn’t Take Much Fucking Skill"

 will.i.am on Contemporary Hip-Hop: "It Doesn’t Take Much Fucking Skill"


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 will.i.am is not happy with 2018 hip-hop.

On Saturday (December 1st) Rolling Stone published an interview with The Black Eyed Peas frontman will.i.am. The interview was focused on technology and the future of entertainment.

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One question will.i.am was asked about was contemporary hip-hop. will did not have positive things to say about the current state of the genre.

When asked how long will hip-hop be the most dominant genre in the world, will-i-am said:

What’s the number-one sport on the planet? Soccer, because anyone can play it. The problem with hip-hop is everybody could do it. It doesn’t take much fucking skill right now to make hip-hop. It’s become the lowest-hanging fruit. It’s no longer about Rakim-level, Nas-level, not the deep, metaphorical simile shit. Out of respect for the Nases of the world, let’s not call it hip-hop. Let’s say that’s rap. But instrumental music is going to be the next biggest shit.

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will-i-am’s quote started to spread around Twitter. Naturally, the response was divisive:

Check out the full interview at Rolling Stone. 

Source: Rolling Stone


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