Watch Questlove Spin an Entrancing Three-Hour Q-Tip Tribute

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Watch Questlove Spin an Entrancing Three-Hour Q-Tip Tribute
Source: Youtube

UPDATE: Part two of Questlove’s tribute to Q-Tip has gone live. Stream all seven and a half hours below.

Featuring obscure and classic cuts from A Tribe Called Quest, Jungle Brothers, and Tip’s expansive solo catalog.

Each day may seem like the last, but yesterday marked a two-fold landmark for Q-Tip.

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Celebrating his 50th lap around the sun and the 30th anniversary of A Tribe Called Quest’s debut albumPeople’s Instinctive Travels and The Paths of Rhythm, Questlove put one up for the pioneering tribesman with the first of a two-part tributary DJ set. Broadcasting last night on Instagram, Twitch, and Youtube, the Roots drummer stitched together Native Tongue anthems, unreleased Tribe cuts, and standouts from Tip’s expansive solo catalog, for an entrancing career-spanning set, saluting Tip with a three-hour sequence of hits and sleepers.

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Watch part one of Questlove’s tribute to Q-Tip below. Tune in for the next installment today (Saturday, April 11th,) at 1pm EST.

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