Vince Staples Has Two New Albums and a Netflix Series On The Way

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Vince Staples speaking with Diddy at Revolt's 2019 Summit
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The Long Beach rap star is readying a number of new projects for 2021.

Three years since the release of his last studio album, Vince Staples appears to be back in music-making mode. And prodigiously so.

According to a recent interview with Desus Nice for GQ, the rapper is sitting on two projects; a self-titled album set for release this summer and another album, Ramona Park Broke My Heart,  slated to arrive at some point later this year. Both albums were announced in the foreword for the interview, which was mostly spent discussing Staples’ various routines, in and outside of the studio. The foreword also reveals that Staples is expanding his on-screen portfolio with a new series for Netflix. No title or release date have been announced just yet.

Aside from the rapper’s hygiene and workout regimens, the interview also touches on the passing of Nipsey Hussle, who Staples likens to Gil Scott-Heron, James Baldwin, and other civil rights era artists, activists, and organizers. “From John Huggins and Bunchy Carter in Los Angeles to when you think about what Ralph Abernathy and Fred Hampton and all these people did from all the different places. Huey Newton, Angela Davis. People that have touched people. They had to touch people physically on a local level. And to me there’s no difference from these people and Nipsey Hussle. I mean, Nipsey Hussle is Gil Scott-Heron. Nipsey Hussle is James Baldwin. He hears these people that had a message,” Staples says of the late rapper’s legacy and impact.

The new series for Netflix will follow a starring role in the Adult Swim animated series Lazor Wulf and a cameo in Issa Rae’s Insecure. 

You can read the full chat between Vince Staples and Desus Nice via GQ. Hold tight for updates on the rapper’s incoming projects in the weeks and months ahead.


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