Tyler, the Creator Says 'Blonde' is the Best Frank Ocean Album

Tyler, the Creator Says 'Blonde' is the Best Frank Ocean Album

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It’s no secret that Tyler, the Creator is one of the leaders of #FrankOceanHive.

Tyler has released numerous songs with the enigmatic singer. The latest track was “911 / Mr. Lonely,” which is on Tyler’s latest album Flower Boy.

LISTEN: Stream Tyler, the Creator’s New Album Flower Boy

Recently. Tyler sat down with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe. Of course, Frank Ocean came up as a topic, and Tyler started gushing.

Talking about how they collaborate, Tyler says:

“We’ve never ever in our life planned a collaboration. I’m always in the studio just making sh*t and he’s like ‘where you at?’”

When speaking about how “911” came about:

“’911′ was an accident. I had a whole different melody. [Frank] came in. I was like ‘I don’t like this.’  [Frank] was like, ‘Let me try something.’ He just started saying ‘chirp chirp chirp chirp’ about 400 f*ckin’ times. Ended up keeping the sh*t. He lowekey didn’t want it on there, and I was like ‘you are out of your f*cking mind.’”

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During the interview, Tyler also settled what has become a mini debate recently: which is the best Frank Ocean album, Channel Orange or his 2016 album Blonde. (Endless isn’t in the running):

Blonde is so sick. I always tell him I like that sh*t way better than Channel Orange—and don’t like comparing. But, the looseness of structure and the chords and shit on Blonde speaks to me more than Channel Orange. But I think Channel Orange has a little bit more pop structures, which gets to people a little more.”

Listen to the entire clip with Lowe below.

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