Lizzo performs at chase center
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Female Rap Dominated TikTok In 2022

Lizzo, Ice Spice, Muni Long and GloRilla all used TikTok to build their respective fanbases, also creating a surge in popularity.

The title of TikTok's reigning artist goes to Lizzo. In the annual Year In Music on TikTok review, the Detroit-born artist was listed at the platform's most-viewed artist, followed by Bad Bunny (#3) and Doja Cat (#5). With 26 million followers, the "Special" artist dethrones TikTok's 2021 queen Megan Thee Stallion, who released sophomore album Traumazine in August.

Lizzo has made vast connections on TikTok, even sending poet and essayist Aurielle Marie a dress she'd worn to the American Music Awards after Marie asked to borrow Lizzo's gown worn at this year's Emmys.

“I love TikTok, and I love being as outrageous as I could be,” Lizzo told Billboard in January about her love for the app.“From food videos to the silly s*** I post online, I love connecting through video format. I used to love pictures and all that, but now I really get a chance to talk to people.”

As 10 out of 12 number-one hits Billboard Hot 100 were driven by major trending moments on the video platform, Lizzo's "About Damn Time" ranked #4 on TikTok's Top Tracks playlist. Female rap dominated TikTok's list of Emerging Artists with Ice Spice, GloRilla and Latto.


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As newer acts made their rise in 2022, rap artists with the most followers on TikTok are Snoop Dogg (#2), Doja Cat (#3) and Lizzo (#8). Also making an impact on the social platform was Armani White, who's viral hit "BILLIE EILISH." appeared at #9 on TikTok's Top Trending Songs list.