The Game Gets Called out for Sampling Uncleared April + VISTA Song on ‘Born 2 Rap’

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Photo Credit: Leon Bennett/Getty Images for BET

Photo Credit: Leon Bennett/Getty Images for BET

April + VISTA took to Twitter to share the exact track the California rapper sampled without their consent.

The Game recently rolled out his latest album Born 2 Rap, today the rapper is receiving backlash for sampling an uncleared song by the soulful group April + VISTA.

In a Twitter post, one fan excitedly shared that they caught the sample on the California rapper’s song “Five Hundred Dollar Candles” with Dom Kennedy. Directly after this tweet, the group responded by sharing, “Lmao we didn’t clear this at all.” They also wrote: “Really happy you brought this to our attention. They stole our whole song.”

The song in question is “If Light Escapes” from the duo’s 2015 EP, Lanterns. The deep cut features a stunning instrumental alongside memorable vocals.

While “Light Escapes” addresses a theme that pulls from inner wounds and moving on, The Game’s “Five Hundred Dollar Candles” is more gritty. The rap song does in fact feature April + VISTA’s song, almost in full. The beginning of the California rapper’s track features an interview where an individual is reflecting on being involved in a gang. Throughout the entire song, you can hear April + VISTA’s production and vocals.

Listen to April + VISTA’s “If Light Escapes” and The Game’s “Five Hundred Dollar Candles” below.

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