Man staring in the 3:01 film
Man staring in the 3:01 film
Photo Credit: 3:01 Film

Terrace Martin's 'Gray Area Live at the JammJam' Soundtracks Immersive Short Film '3:01' [Premiere]

Terrace Martin and fellow musician Elmo Lovano executive produced this stirring new short film.

"I'm not inspired by music. I haven't been inspired by music in about 15 years."

Producer and musician Terrace Martin tells me this over the phone. And even though he has worked on a bunch of music over the last couple of years — including an album, Sinthesize, this year — that's not what he's on the phone to chat about. He wants to talk about a short film.

The film is called 3:01 and it was written and directed by Elliott Sellers and executive produced by Martin and fellow musician Elmo Lovano.

We are proud to be premiering the 14 minute short, which stars Raymond Ejiofor and Jamila Glass. The short, which is visceral and manic, features no words. Instead, the whole piece is soundtracked by the first three songs of Gray Area Live at the JammJam, a live album that dropped at the top of the year.

Martin performed his Gray Area album at the JammJam, an event produced by Lovano. Working that closely with the music, Lovano saw an opportunity to expand. Which is why he brought Martin this film, which features an extended chase.

"Typically, music is scored to the film piece. but this piece is actually a film pieced scored to the music" Lovano said over the phone. "[The film] is really intense. [There's] so much love in it and so much passion."

Elmo convinced Martin by sending him a first draft of Sellers' film.

"It was amazing seeing this level of film from someone I never grew up with," Martin said. "He totally understands and gets that sense of freedom."

For Martin, what he appreciated most about the film was the "structured freedom" that it has. It's also an element he found in his music. Martin also appreciated the message in the film.

"What the film represents is it's OK to be lost," Martin said. "Once you admit to yourself I am lost, I am disgruntled, I am stressed, that's the first step of rehabilitation. It represents being lost but it's OK."

The film and the music behind it is amazing. Watch it below.