Stream Vic Mensa's Debut Album 'The Autobiography'
Stream Vic Mensa's Debut Album 'The Autobiography'
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Stream Vic Mensa's Debut Album 'The Autobiography'

UPDATE: Vic Mensa's debut album The Autobiography has been officially released. The album is now available for purchase, as well as listen to on music streaming services.

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Vic Mensa has dropped his debut album a week early.

Courtesy of NPR, fans of the Chicago artist can listen to his debut album The Autobiography a week before its release (it is still set to drop on various streaming services and in stores on July 28). The 15-track release features a handful of guest appearances, including Pharrell, Ty Dolla $ign, Chief Keef, The-Dream, Weezer, Syd, and many, many others.

Prior to this, Vic dropped the music video for "Rage." The five-minute video finds the Chicago artist aboard a plane that gets struck by lightning and crashes into the ocean. He briefly gives up his struggle to survive as he begins to descend deeper into the water, only to swim to shore and survive everything he has just endured.

WATCH: Vic Mensa Releases Inspirational "Rage" Music Video

The visuals are an apt metaphor for the song's lyrical content as Mensa raps about his inner turmoil including substance abuse, suicidal thoughts, and dealing with legal troubles.

"Right before I decided that [album] title, I played some music for my mom and my sister. I was talking real candidly about some situations that were risky. There were names in it and they were telling me, 'You shouldn't say all that. You shouldn't tell these people all that about your life," Mensa said in an interview with Billboard. "You should take her name out it. You talked about him, and what happened to them. And I [said], 'I have to.'"

"That's when I realized that this album was an autobiography," he added. "I wasn't pulling any punches. I wasn't pulling any names. I was just observing myself, and the world around me. I went to a political place last year, and was in Standing Rock, and Baton Rouge, I went out to where Alton Sterling was killed. [I went to] Flint, Michigan, and this time around, I really wanted to come tell my own story."

Listen to The Autobiography below.