Scott Storch Talks Mannie Fresh Battle, Catalogue, Collabs + Using Cannabis To Overcome Addiction

Scott Storch Defends Playing Songs Co-Produced by Dr. Dre During Verzuz Battle

Storch joined The Breakfast Club to respond to criticism of the battle.

Timbaland and Swizz Beatz' Verzuz battle series has been the most entertaining part of the quarantine experience for many. However, even something as uniting as the battle series has come with its own controversy.

Two weeks ago, Scott Storch and Mannie Fresh squared off in one of the first producer battles. Many believe Scott Storch won the battle, however upon further inspection, there's plenty of room for critique.

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When Storch joined The Breakfast Club on Thursday, Charlemagne the God pointed out that Storch had assistance from producers like Dr. Dre, especially on his final track, "Still D.R.E." Of course, Storch doesn't believe playing co-produced records was wrong. Watch the full interview above.

"Listen, Dr. Dre is a huge whale if not the biggest producer in the history of hip-hop music," Scott said. "Sometimes, when your name sits next to a name that big, it kind of overshadows--especially when I was just getting started in the business."

"When those records came out," Storch continued, "people didn't really read all the credits and see who was doing what.

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The battle was one of the more controversial of the series. Days ago, Fresh apologized for playing skits that made fun of Storch's issues with drugs. However, both parties say there are no hard feelings between the two.

"As far as playing that music in the battle, my sound is pretty clear when people hear it. I'm not going to play something if I'm not one of the main nucleuses or foundations of what these tracks are."