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Wu-Tang In Space? RZA’s “Uploaded Consciousness” Stars in Cryptic Teaser

Wu-Tang In Space? RZA’s “Uploaded Consciousness” Stars in Cryptic Teaser

Wu-Tang In Space? RZA Uploads Consciousness in Cryptic Teaser

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I uploaded my consciousness…. Check it out. #wutang

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“If you are an Earthling and you need answers, call 1-833-4-SLIDER”

The Wu-Tang Clan may have announced a new project today. The form, scale, and medium of it, however, are not entirely clear.

In a video posted to Instagram yesterday (see above,) RZA narrates a teaser of sorts, in which he takes on a new moniker, RZA9000, claiming to have uploaded his consciousness into a cloud-based data system. The producer goes on, “Together with the Wu-Tang Clan, we will slide through space, seek wisdom, and expand the parameters of the mind,” with the number 1-833-4-SLIDER flashing as the clip closes.

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A call to the number triggers an automated message that asks callers to submit their “burning question about existence” at the tone, with their name and location, promising that he, GZA, and Ghostface Killah “have all the answers,” including those pertaining to consciousness, alien existence, and love.

He then states that all will be revealed on “Wu-Tang in Space” on October 1st. Official Twitter and Instagram accounts for Wu-Tang, GZA, and Ghostface, have also posted the teaser (I smell a single.)

See the bizarre and cryptic clip above. Hold tight for the big reveal.


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