A New App Flips Your Spotify Playlist into an Essential Record-Hunting Tool

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A New App Flips Your Spotify Playlists into Massive Vinyl Hauls
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TFW New York be sleeping on your disco section.

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Finally, an app for every crate-digger in the streaming age.

Some see the rise of a playlist-and-click economy to be at odds with more traditional music formats. Luckily, a new app has arrived to bridge the generational and technological divide.

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According to The QuietusRecord Radar flips your Spotify playlists into an essential record-hunting tool. The app scans your sequences (only those you’ve personally made,) and directs you towards the appropriate Discogs page to purchase the tracks on vinyl. Users can also avoid the shipping costs by entering “Nearby Mode” and simply scoop the record from the closest brick-and-mortar to their current location.

Their database currently stands at just over 2.1 million releases. But as record stores and private sellers continue to sign up, you can expect the catalog to grow accordingly.

Hit the link below to give Record Radar a run. Just be sure you’ve got a budget in place. This could get out of hand in a hurry.



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