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Rap Snacks Relaunches With Flavors From Migos, Fabolous & More

Rap Snacks Relaunches With Flavors From Migos, Fabolous & More

Rap Snacks, a potato chip company that has become known for bringing together rappers and distinct potato chip flavors, has relaunched.

According to a press release (via Mass Appeal) the snack company announced its relaunch by introducing its latest flavor — Fabolous‘ “New York Deli Cheddar.” Among other flavors that will be released this year include: Romeo Miller‘s “Bar-B-Quin with My Honey”; Migos‘ “Sour Cream with a Dab of Ranch”; Fetty Wap‘s “Honey Jalapeño”; and Lil Boosie‘s “Louisiana Heat.”

Although Fabolous’ flavor is the the most recent one to drop, Migos’ “Dab of Ranch” is arguably the most popular, with the Atlanta rap trio even making a jingle for their personal flavor.

In an interview with Culture Trip, Rap Snacks founder James “Fly” Lindsay, discussed how the short jingle made by Migos last year, became its own full-length song.

“They [Migos] naturally…when you eat something so good, you know when you’re a kid and you shake your leg when you’re eating something? They felt like that was motivating them to rap about it,” Lindsay said. “They’d never seen anything like it before, they didn’t have their own snack food before, you know? So when they [made the “Dab of Ranch” jingle], it created a really nice buzz, and I told them they needed to make the full song. The people want to hear this. It’s interesting, it’s funny, and it’s a talking point.”

Shortly after, Migos recorded a full version of “Dab of Ranch” at Spotify Studios.

“I know who means what in the culture now,” Lindsay added. “When I put Migos on the bag, I knew that Migos had music before anyone else knew they had music coming out. I didn’t predict ‘Bad and Boujee’ would be a number one record, but I knew those guys could make records. I always liked them and I thought they were always kind of underrated, and when you’re like that in music, all you need is one song.”

If you are a fan of rap and potato chips, keep a look out for Rap Snacks in convenience stores and supermarkets in your area. Also, check out the “Dab of Ranch” track below.

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