Quinton Brock Isn't In A "Rush For Love" [Premiere]
Quinton Brock Isn't In A "Rush For Love" [Premiere]
Photo by Nate Bajar

Quinton Brock Isn't In A "Rush For Love" [Premiere]

Quinton Brock Isn't In A "Rush For Love" [Premiere] Photo by Nate Bajar

"We both have loved / We both have lost faith, my love."

These are the opening words to Quinton Brock's "Rush For Love," the latest song to be released from his forthcoming Scooter EP. The ballad captures the conflicting feelings that come with love, particularly young love. The want to be together forever and the unlikelihood that it'll actually happen. The rush to take a relationship to the next step rather than enjoying where it's currently at.

"'Rush for Love' is a really special moment for me," Brock said in an email. "The first song I wrote for the record, at the time, it was the most honest I'd ever been in my writing. I finished the guitar and lyrics as I had just started 'officially' dating my now ex-girlfriend."

The bare and subdued production complements Brock's lyrics, horn flourishes from trombonist Brendan Lanighan and plucked guitar strings adding to the song's bittersweet message. What keeps the track grounded, though, is bassist Jerry Livingston, who played with the late funk legend Rick James in his Stone City Band. Livingston is what keeps the ballad intact, providing a pulse that gives power to Brock's soft vocal delivery.

"Jerry Livingston is an old family friend and my bass teacher. His playing was my first real exposure to the bass," Brock said. "He did the whole song in one take. I almost cried watching it happen realizing the moment in my life I was having. No fancy studio, no egos — just his bass and my laptop in my living room. This man played the most iconic bass lines of all time and he chose to add me to his legacy. I still get emotional when I listen to it."

Prior to "Rush For Love," Brock dropped "Hold Me."

As he preps for the release of Scooter, which is slated for release via Astro Nautico on June 21 (and mixed by his brother, Jon Bap), Brock has recently showcased his acting abilities, appearing in the Netflix marijuana documentary Grass Is Greener. Directed by Fab 5 Freddy and featuring Snoop Dogg, Killer Mike, and Damian Marley, the documentary examines America's mistreatment of black people and other minorities through the war on drugs, and the legalization of marijuana throughout the country.

"I got invited to the set after hearing about the doc and the message they were pushing," Brock said. "All of these states are legalizing pot while a lot people of color are still locked up for nonviolent crimes. The legalization of marijuana is more of a race issue than meets the eye. Vikram [Gandhi, producer for Grass Is Greener], the crew and I just really clicked on set and it was a lot of fun! I love acting and it's a goal of mine to do more movies."

In July, Brock will be supporting Harriet Brown for his Bowery Ballroom show on July 23. Following that, he'll be having a Champagne Party event August 1 at Elsewhere Zone 1 in Brooklyn. The party, which will be the third one Brock has had in New York, will feature special guests and, as the name implies, champagne.

Brock can be found on Instagram and Twitter.