Questlove Criticizes Philadelphia Mayor For Wanting To Move Jay-Z's Made In America Festival

Questlove Criticizes Philadelphia Mayor For Wanting To Move Jay-Z's Made In America Festival

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Recently, Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney has faced backlash for wanting to move Jay-Z‘s Made In America music festival from the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, with the Brooklyn rapper even penning an op-ed criticizing the mayor for the decision. Now, Philly’s very own Questlove has also spoken about it.

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Quest took to Instagram to address the situation and compared it to the time The Roots were dropped from Wawa Welcome America — a multi-day festival — back in 2016. As Philly.com notes, The Roots were music directors of Wawa Welcome America, which has also taken place on the Parkway from 2009 to 2015.

“So what’s the logic when someone cuts its nose to spite its face? For all Philadelphians asking The Roots why we ‘decided’ to no longer participate in the 4th of July #WelcomeAmerica festival we all but resuscitated from cliche hell (our talent, our resources, our contacts, our reach — not for nothin but y’all thought it was the city who pulled in Kevin Hart to host?) —this is past ‘why fix something that isn’t broken?'” Quest wrote. “…now Philly is losing its SECOND annual festival —without warning. Who does that??”

In the Instagram post, he included a short clip of Fox 29 host Quincy Harris, who discussed what’s happening with Made In America as well as The Roots’ departure from Wawa Welcome America.

“Another thing about Wawa Welcome America that I did not like: I did not like that once Mayor Kenney came into office that The Roots were pulled from Wawa Welcome America,” Harris said.

Following the news that Kenney’s administration wanted to move the festival to a different part of Philadelphia, Jay-Z wrote an op-ed in the Philadelphia Inquirer.

“We are disappointed that the mayor of the city of Philadelphia would evict us from the heart of the city, through a media outlet, without a sit-down meeting, notice, dialogue, or proper communication,” the rapper said.

Following that, a representative at Jay’s Roc Nation company stated that if Made In America is moved from Parkway, it’ll be taken out of Philadelphia and placed in another city.

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