Outkast video game
Outkast video game
Photo Credit: Outkast

Play as André 3000 & Big Boi in the OutKast 'ATLiens' Video Game

Save Atlanta from aliens in this new OutKast video game, inspired by their 1996 classic album ATLiens.

Last month, OutKast celebrated the 25th-anniversary of their classic sophomore album, ATLiens. The legendary duo released a fully remastered reissue of the 1996 album featuring instrumentals for the album. Along with the release of the reissue came an animated video for "Two Dope Boyz (in a Cadillac) and the announcement for a video game based on the album.

That game has just been released. The game allows players to defend Atlanta from, you guessed it, an alien invasion, as both Big Boi or André 3000. (There's a sly mention of "Wheelz of Steel.") The game is meant to be played on mobile and desktop browser and was designed by the London-based firm, F That.

The video game is quite short. And it's not the most action-packed video game — this is more Super Mario Bros. than Call of Duty — but there are definitely way worse ways to waste time at work.

Originally released on August 27th, 1996 via LaFace Records, ATLiens debuted at No. 2 on Billboard's 200 albums chart as both a critical and commercial darling, moving 350,000 copies in it first two weeks on shelves. The album was eventually certified double platinum by the RIAA. To this day, it is considered to be OutKast's second best album. (Their 1998 masterpiece, Aquemini, will always be no. 1.)

You can watch the animated video for "Two Dope Boyz (in a Cadillac)" below. And head here to battle aliens as André and Big Boi.