Nile Rodgers Scrapped a Chic Song About Prince After His Death

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Nile Rodgers Scrapped a Chic Song About Prince After He Died

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We are getting a new Chic album this year.

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Called It’s About Time, the album is the first from the legendary group in 25 years. Nile Rodgers, the group’s leader, announced the album at the end of 2016. During that time, he mentioned that he was partially motivated by the death of his friend Prince.

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So when we hear that Nile Rodgers had recorded a song for Prince, we’re not surprised at all. Pitchfork recently sat down with the legendary rockstar before he was getting ready to perform at Glastonbury.

Rodgers talked about the song, called “Prince Said It,” and how it came about:

“The last two times I saw Prince was playing on stage with him and then him coming to my show. So the album was talking about that. As a matter of fact, there is a song on the album that the working title is ‘Prince Said It,’ and it was about my conversations with Prince. But after he passed away, it felt wrong. It felt uncomfortable.”

The other interesting aspect of the interview is the status of the album. Rodgers’ main problem now? He has too much music, telling Pitchfork “I have too many songs. I don’t believe in putting out a double album of new stuff, because to me, an album is like a film.”

SOURCE: Pitchfork 

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