Cardi B Co-Signs Rapsody’s Genius And Style On Twitter
Cardi B Co-Signs Rapsody’s Genius And Style On Twitter
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Cardi B's Team Releases Statement Denying Nicki Minaj's Payola Claims

After Minaj accused Cardi of building her career off "sympathy and payola," Cardi's team released a statement saying the claim was "absolutely false."

Cardi B's camp is clapping back at Nicki Minaj for claims of payola.

On an episode of "Queen Radio" Monday, Minaj addressed the rift between the two rappers and accused Cardi of having paid her way through the industry with payola for airplay.

“She has built her career off of sympathy and payola," Minaj said.

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According to a report in The Blast, "sources directly involved in the management and music promotion for Cardi B’s debut album" told the outlet that it is “absolutely false” that anyone received payment or gifts in exchange for airtime.

According to the report, Klenord Raphael (aka Shaft), Cardi's manager at the time, reportedly did however “harass and bother” a multiple DJ’s and radio stations to get Cardi on the air while she was on the come-up.

On Monday, Minaj responded to the fight between the two artists at NYFW, claiming that she never talked about Cardi’s parenting or baby and that she didn't "stop bags," as Cardi claimed.

Funk Flex, who accompanied Minaj on-air for the radio show episode, has also claimed that Cardi used payola to get DJs to play her records.

Let's see how the story unfolds.