Nappy Nina And Nelson Bandela’s New EP Is ‘Really Good’ [Premiere]

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Nappy Nina And Nelson Bandela's New EP Is 'Really Good' [Premiere]
Source: Nelson Bandela
Nappy Nina And Nelson Bandela's New EP Is 'Really Good' [Premiere]

Source: Nelson Bandela

The pair has also dropped a music video for one of the EP’s tracks.

Rapper Nappy Nina and producer Nelson Bandela have come together for their collaborative project Really Good. The four song EP finds Bandela crafting experimental and intricate lo-fi beats that bop with a smooth coolness, while Nina showcases her versatility as a rapper.

Some moments she’s rapid-fire, offering a constant stream of raps on the slow and Southern bounce of “Breakfast Bass (BB).” Other times, she follows along with the beat but still offers rhymes that are profoundly vivid.

“Rap for black boys who pray for father’s that ain’t empty/Always call me bitch but they never call me MC,” she spits on “True Religion.”

Accompanying the EP’s release is the music video for “Betta Me,” one of the track’s from the project. The video is made up of clips of Nina and Bandela working on the track together, and features one of the smoothest opening rap lines to drop recently (“Trick is/Catch the verse before the beat/Like the boys be catching cats/They adore bringing defeat”).

“Me and Nina have an astral connection,” Bandela said. “The first two times we ran into each other she was jamming my music and I didn’t even know who she was and then other homies were like ‘You should work with Nappy Nina.’ Then the first time she came over she brought over some blunts and we immediately made instant classics.”

“Nina was the first rapper I worked with that challenged me to be my best and authentic self,” he continued. “This EP is a taste of what we’ve been working on over the last five years and I know the next movement gonna be even more stellar.”

Bandela, who is the brother of Terence Nance (he serves as a music composer on Nance’s Random Acts of Flyness TV series), can be found on Instagram and Twitter. Nina can also be found on Instagram and Twitter.

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