mixtape monday cover art high bias
mixtape monday cover art high bias
Photo credit: cover art 'High Bias'

Mixtape Monday: Shame Gang, K. Burns, Fly Anakin, Vic Spencer, Skills, Krown Vic, The Mellos + More

Shame Gang, K. Burns, Fly Anakin, Vic Spencer, Skills, Krown Vic, The Mellos and more this Mixtape Monday.

Shame Gang is at the top of Mixtape Monday with Better Late Than Never, K. Burns shines on Crime Paid, Fly Anakin drops Skinemaxxx (Side A) and Vic Spencer is back with If George Bush Was Cool. Skills dropped Toast II Darkness, Krown Vic gets a Street PHD, The Mellos drop THEMELLOS WAR REPORT and A.P. Da Overlord & Russian Futurists send a kite titled From Russia With Love 2.

SNICK Foley drops Our Foley Father and Chris Crack makes the cut with What Y’all Mad About Today. Alaska & steel tipped dove explore The Structural Dynamics of Flow, whatupVERN delivers Gallery Pieces Pt. 4, Rim & Finn connect for M!ND STATE, Johnny Storm drops an 80's Porno Flick and Backwoodz Studioz gathers some of the brightest in rap on High Bias. Closing things out, TatzumaKiii drops GURU and HooksArthur returns with Crystallized Sound Theory.

Shame Gang - Better Late Than Never

Cover art for new mixtape better late than never by shame gang Photo credit: cover art for 'Better Late Than Never'

Maryland’s own Shame Gang follows the 2021 release of No Safe Haven with Better Late Than Never featuring Lute, Skyzoo, and more.

K. Burns - Crime Paid

New mixtape cover art for crime paid by k burns Photo credit: cover art, 'Crime Paid'

K. Burns delivers a street rap clinic with the release of Crime Paid featuring Planet Asia, Fashawn, Royal Flush and more.

Fly Anakin - Skinemaxxx (Side A)

New fly anakin mixtape Skinemaxxx side a Photo credit: cover art, 'Skinemaxxx (Side A)'

Fly Anakin follows FRANK, the Ewonee-assisted mirrors… and stop tryna hack my Facebook with Skinemaxxx (Side A).

Vic Spencer - If George Bush Was Cool

new mixtape if George bush was cool by vic spencer Photo credit: cover art, 'If George Bush Was Cool'

Vic Spencer follows Psychological Cheat Sheet 3 and Mudslide with If George Bush Was Cool featuring Grafh, Estee Nack, and Koncept Jack$on.

Skills - Toast II Darkness

Mixtape Monday Features New Music From Shame Gang, K. Burns, Fly Anakin, Vic Spencer, Skills, Krown Vic, The Mellos + More For The Week of April 10th, 2023. Photo credit: cover art, 'Toast II Darkness'

Jersey’s own Skills combine humor and candid lyricism on Toast II Darkness featuring Esco, TrifeMajors, Abe and Jerome Hill.

Krown Vic - Street PHD

new mixtape monday krown vic street PHD Photo credit: cover art, 'Street PHD'

Following the 2022 release of Hourly Profit, Virginia’s own Krown Vic raises the bar with the arrival of his latest dubbed Street PHD.


mixtape monday the mellos the war report Photo credit: cover art, 'THEMELLOS WAR REPORT'

The Mellos return with their take on a classic, dropping THEMELLOS WAR REPORT featuring Estee Nack, King Asiatic Allah, Inf, and more.

A.P. Da Overlord x Russian Futurists - From Russia With Love 2

mixtape monday From Russian With Love 2 Photo credit: cover art, 'From Russia With Love 2'

Allah Preme and Russian Futurists connect to deliver From Russia With Love 2 featuring C.X, K-Tas, Squeegee Oblong, and more.

SNICK Foley - Our Foley Father

mixtape monday Our Foley Father Snick Foley Photo credit: cover art, 'Our Foley Father'

Following Malcontent and Stay Wise, SNICK Foley returns in top form with Our Foley Father featuring Suave Dubois, Fp3 the Legend, and New Villain.

Chris Crack - What Y’all Mad About Today

Chris crack Photo credit: cover art, 'What Y'all Mad About Today'

Keeping the heat coming, Chris Crack follows 2022’s Oil On Canvas and Smoke Detector with What Y’all Mad About Today.

Alaska x steel tipped dove - The Structural Dynamics of Flow

Mixtape monday the structural dynamics of flow Photo credit: cover art, 'The Structural Dynamics of Flow'

Alaska digs into the nuance of his own delivery across The Structural Dynamics of Flow produced by steel tipped dove.

whatupVERN - Gallery Pieces Pt. 4: Stolen Art

Gallery Pieces Pt. 4: Stolen Art new mixtape monday Photo credit: cover art, 'Gallery Pieces Pt. 4: Stolen Art'

whatupVERN delivers the latest volume of his art series with the release of Gallery Pieces Pt. 4: Stolen Art curated by Bvtman.

Rim x Finn - M!ND STATE

M!ND STATE new mixtape by rim finn Photo credit: cover art, 'M!ND STATE'

Following the 2022 release of META, Rim connects with Finn to drop M!ND STATE featuring Eddie Kaine, UFO Fev and Asun Eastwood.

Johnny Storm - 80’s Porno Flick

mixtape monday new mixtape 80's Porno Flick Photo credit: cover art, '80’s Porno Flick'

Johnny Storm follows 2022’s Lunafreya with 80’s Porno Flick produced entirely by Nav Sagan with an appearance from Maze Overlay.

Backwoodz Studioz - High Bias

Backwoodz stuioz High Bias Photo credit: cover art, 'High Bias'

billy woods dons the executive producer cap for the Backwoodz Studioz compilation High Bias featuring Armand Hammer, Breezly Brewin, AKAI SOLO, ShrapKnel, Cavalier and more.

TatzumaKiii - GURU

new mixtape GURU Photo credit: cover art, 'GURU'

Back from the hyperbolic time chamber with a brand new batch of heaters, TatzumaKiii drops off the GURU beat tape.

HooksArthur - Crystallized Sound Theory

Crystallized Sound Theory new mixtape Photo credit: cover art, 'Crystallized Sound Theory'

Following OneForTheS0ul and If You’re Lucky, HooksArthur sets off for another solo excursion on Crystallized Sound Theory.