Megan Thee Stallion perfroming
Megan Thee Stallion perfroming
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Megan Thee Stallion Speaks About Supporting Other Female Rappers: "I Just Don’t Give a Fuck About Competition"

In her new i-D cover story, the Texan rapper speaks about signing to Roc Nation, growing up in the South and more.

Megan Thee Stallionhas had a momentous 2019. This year alone she unveiled her single "Hot Girl Summer" with Nicki Minaj dropped a well-received project Fever and is currently at the top of the hip-hop industry. To wrap up her eventful year, the Texan rapper is the latest cover star of i-D, in an in-depth interview with playwright Jeremy O. Harris, she chats about why she doesn't focus on competing with other female rappers, the beginning stages of her rap career and more.

Her rise to success has been skyrocketed due to her raunchy, straight forward lyrics and her relatable personality. Earlier this year, Megan Thee Stallion launched beach cleanups in California, hosted a "Cognac Queen Hollywood" beauty scholarship pageant and also made appearances at numerous "Hottie" parties throughout the country. In her i-Dfeature she also touches on what it was like growing up in Texas and her work ethic.

On vocally supporting other female rappers:

"It’s natural. I’m not a fake person. I’m not a character. What I say is how I feel. I just don’t give a fuck about competition. It’s not that serious. You know how many men make music without biting each other’s heads off? Why do we have to do that? There’s room for everybody. I really couldn’t care less what the next girl’s doing. If she’s shining, that’s good. It’s not taking away from my light."

On where she gets her confidence from:

"I always thought I was the shit because my family always told me that I was, so can’t nobody tell me no different. If you wake up every goddamn day and your mama is telling you, 'Oh my God, you’re so beautiful. You’re so amazing.' That’s what you’re going to believe. So if somebody comes to me different, like, 'What the fuck are you talking about? My mama told me I was beautiful, so what are you saying?'"

On her work ethic:

"I don’t mind working all the time because I know that that’s just going to make me stronger. I don’t mind going through all these experiences because I feel like I’m in training right now. So, like, if I bump my head, it’s okay. If I do something wrong, it’s okay. I’m learning. I’m not really tripping."

On the advice she'd like to give to young boys and girls:

"Don’t ever think that there’s not somebody out there that you can relate to. It doesn’t matter if it’s your blood or a friend or just a complete stranger. There will always be somebody out there that has been through the same thing that you’ve been through – you’ve really just got to stay strong and you got to find that person. Somebody is always willing to help you, so if you ever feel like you’re by yourself, you got to tough it out for a little while."

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