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Larry Heard Announces New Mr. Fingers LP 'Around the Sun Pt. 1'

Four years following his fifth LP Cerebral Hemispheres, Larry Heard will release new Mr. Fingers LP, Around The Sun Pt. 1, in May.

There's a new Larry Heard LP coming. In May, the house music icon will return with new release Around The Sun, Pt. 1, which follows his fifth Mr. Fingers album Cerebral Hemispheres that dropped in 2018. Cerebral Hemispheres was Heard's first full-length Mr. Fingers album in 25 years.

"Encompassing all his influences from Jazz, R&B to Techno and Ambient these lush tracks with a feel that no one else expresses quite like Mr. Fingers. Right from the start with ‘Around the Sun’, the ten track album pulls you in with these lushly produced tracks, and glittering vocals – effortlessly captivating you with his always infectious grooves and perfectly spaced arrangements," Phonica Records said about Around The Sun Pt. 1 in a statement. "No need to further elaborate… This is Larry Heard at his finest.”

With 10 tracks on Around The Sun Pt. 1 , Heard is primed for additional music on his self-owned Alleviated Records, last releasing archival recordings on Vault Sessions 1 in January 2021.

In a rare interview in 2019, Heard spoke with Dazed about his intergenerational impact in dance and electronic music.

"I’m always another album, or maybe two albums, ahead. I’m not devoting a lot of time to endeavours that I’ve already devoted time to. I like to move on to something fresh. Of course you think about it here and there – again, it’s one of those things where you can only be thankful that audiences and different generations are receiving it positively."

Around The Sun Pt. 1 drops on May 2nd. You can pre-order the vinyl LP here.