Nipsey Hussle: More Than Music, More Than a Rapper
Nipsey Hussle: More Than Music, More Than a Rapper
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Kerry Lathan, Man Wounded In Nipsey Hussle Shooting, To Be Released From Jail

LAPD Name a Suspect in the Shooting Death of Nipsey Hussle Source: WorldStarHipHop

The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation are reportedly working to get Lathan released.

Kerry Lathan, one of the men wounded during the shooting that resulted in Nipsey Hussle's death, will soon be released from jail after he was initially accused of violating his parole.

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Initial reports about Lathan said he was a friend of Hussle's, but he recently revealed that he wasn't too close with the late Los Angeles rapper, having only taken a couple of pictures with the artist when he was released from prison last year. He was convicted of murder in 1994 and sentenced to 25 to life. After serving more than 24 years in prison he was released in 2018.

Still, following the shooting — Lathan is currently in a wheelchair after he got hit close to his spine — he was accused of violating his parole for coming into contact with a known gang member — Hussle. The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation had determined that the rapper was a documented gang member, resulting in Lathan's return to jail.

"I said, ‘Man, I didn’t come into contact with nobody. I was visiting some people, going to pay respects to a person’s father who just passed away.’ My buddy Ronnie, his father just died that Sunday. So, that’s all I was doing," Lathan said in a recent interview. "And I was just gonna change my shirt so I could look presentable in front of they people. That’s it. And when I stopped over there with Nip, I got shot."

Now, Lathan will be released from jail according to ABC7 News. The Department of Corrections announced Thursday it will drop the new allegations and work to get Lathan released.

Source: ABC7 News