Kendrick Lamar Urges Mumble Rappers To Respect Hip Hop's Pioneers
Kendrick Lamar Urges Mumble Rappers To Respect Hip Hop's Pioneers

Kendrick Lamar Wants Mumble Rappers to Show Respect to the OGs

Kung Fu Kenny has some advice for mumble rappers

On Tuesday, Forbes released its annual 30 Under 30 issue. This year's issue was massive; featuring over 600 young people in 20 different industries, from media to education to music.

On the cover was Kendrick Lamar, arguably the most talented 30-year-old in the world. Forbes published an interview with the rapper that was conducted in October during Forbes'30 Under 30 Summit.

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The interview covered a number of issues, from his come up to the future of the music business. One of the more interesting moments came when the interviewer brought up mumble rappers. Even though Kendrick makes the opposite of what people would call mumble rap, the DAMN. still has respect for what they do:

"I want hip-hop to continue to evolve. That's why I can't shun a lot of the artists that may not be a Kendrick Lamar. But this is what I tell them every time I see them ... be yourself and do what you do but also know who laid down the groundwork."

Kendrick, however, wants rappers from this generation to show proper respect to those in the past who paved the way:

"Don't go on your interviews and did them and say you don't like them and you don't care for them. That's your opinion, that's cool but you have to respect them. So talking down on the folks that inspired us to do this, it'd never be right. You dig what I'm saying? So at the end of the day as long as you be who you are but respect what got us here, that's how you continue to evolve."

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The whole interview is pretty fascinating. Head to Forbes to read it. Or if tl;dr watch a video of it below.