Kari Faux Lowkey Superstar Mixtape Cover Art
Kari Faux Lowkey Superstar Mixtape Cover Art
Photo Credit: Sonne PR

Kari Faux's Mixtape 'Lowkey Superstar' Is a Joy-Filled Rollercoaster Ride

Kari Faux Lowkey Superstar Mixtape Cover Art Photo Credit: Sonne PR

Faux's latest release is the follow-up to her last project CRY 4 HELP.

Little Rock, Arkansas native Kari Faux has been serving up her lush vocals for years, now in the middle of the strange moment we're all coping with, she unveils her latest mixtape Lowkey Superstar

Faux’s trajectory hasn’t been orchestrated with a battery in her back from a major label, her fans (including me) are perfectly fine with that. For years she’s been following an inner compass which has led to a colorful, creative journey. Her latest offering Lowkey Superstar is the culmination of a trip to London that was marked by recording sessions with a producer she struck a kinship and creative relationship with, Danio. 

In an exclusive interview on our Instagram, Kari broke down how her new project expresses her headspace following her last release, the emotionally riveting CRY 4 HELP. Faux also shared that she feels like a blossoming butterfly breaking free after sharing a dark side of herself with her fans. When we first received Lowkey Superstar roughly over a week ago, it became clear that she had in fact forged a new chapter of her life as the mixtape is upbeat and filled with high energy. 

The specific tracks that are our favorites on the release are “Actors, Rappers, Wrestlers” and “McGrady.” The former is an experimental song that details Kari’s past relationship with a rapper. It’s a relatable listen filled with her thoughts on what it’s like dating someone that’s constantly on the scene and is almost impossible to keep up with. 

Equipped with a funky beat “McGrady” is a standout on the mixtape due to the rapper’s slick use of her wordplay throughout. Another staple we love on the project is “Look At That.” This track is yet another upbeat song that digs into why Kari’s fans keep coming back for more. Throughout it, she speaks on how people switch up on you over the years when they realize you’re a hot commodity. “You said I wouldn’t be shit but now you’re all up on my dick” is our favorite line.

Lowkey Superstar is yet another example of the rapper allowing her creative inclinations to guide her. Overall, the project is a fun, relatable listen marked by Kari’s stellar ear for funk-filled beats. We’re hoping one track from it finds its way on the upcoming season of Issa Rae’s series, Insecure.

Stream Lowkey Superstar below.