Juicy J Invokes Prince’s Warner Bros. Battle on Diss Track Aimed at His Own Label

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Juicy J Three 6 Mafia Day 1 Day 1
Photo Credit: Vickey Ford for Okayplayer.com
Juicy J Three 6 Mafia Day 1 Day 1

Photo Credit: Vickey Ford for Okayplayer.com

UPDATE: The tweets have been deleted, but the track and video uploaded by the rapper live on. Watch and listen below.

“I gave Columbia Records 20 + years of my life & they treat me like back wash.”

Juicy J‘s Saturday commenced with a round of disparaging tweets aimed at his label, Columbia Records.

The first signals of any sort of dispute, it was unclear what sparked the rant, which repeatedly stated “Fuck Columbia Records,” before beginning to tease a new song of the same title. Hours later, the Memphis rapper posted a two-minute screed over a self-produced beat to Soundcloud, attaching a photo of Prince with the word “slave” etched across his face as its cover art. That photo has since become Juicy’s avatar across social media platforms.

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While there’s no explicit mention of what harshed the relationship, the track closes with an excerpt from Prince’s acceptance speech for Artist of The Decade at the 2000 Soul Train Awards, alluding to the very public battle between the late artist and Warner Bros.. At the time, Prince was entrenched in lawsuits against the label over a 19-year contract that he signed in his teens. During his speech, (the artist then formerly known as,) Prince tells the room “as long as you’re signed to contract, you will take a minority share of the winnings. A select few of us will do well; a majority will not. So as a people, you’ll be considered a minority. But stop, let’s take a moment and look at yourselves. There’s nothing minor about you.”

Listen to Juicy J’s “Fuk Columbia Records” via Soundcloud.




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