Nas performing
Nas performing
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Who Would Win in a Juicy J & Nas 'Verzuz' Battle?

Juicy J wants to go up against Nas in a Verzuz battle. Hip-hop fans have been debating if this would work.

Verzus has been dominating rap conversations for the last four months. With each battle, there has been additional conversation about what the next match should be. Honestly, most of these hypotheticals tend to be not very imaginative, from Chris Brown vs. Usher to Rakim vs. Big Daddy Kane to LL Cool J vs. KRS-One.

However, one hypothetical popped up on Twitter that was so strange it had everyone scratching their head. 

On Monday, July 27th, Three 6 Mafia legend Juicy J tweeted out a response to a question Timbaland, who is part owner of Verzuz, posted: What's the next Verzuz matchup?

Juicy said he would like to go up against Nas. 

While both rappers are legends, with lengthy careers, the music they've made over the years is quite different. Juicy is known for his brand of demonic crunk music. While Nas' best songs are dense tracks that are grounded in New York City-based traditionalism.. (Even though Nas done a lot of experimenting over the years.)

Because of their styles — and how different they can be — there were a lot of jokes — lots and lots of jokes — about the matchup.

However, there were fans who started to take this battle more seriously. And, surprisingly, the opinions were pretty spilled. The Nas hive came out in full force in support of the Queens legend.

But the pro-Juicy J fans came out. And they made the argument that Juicy J might not be as lyrically gifted as Nas but he has more hits.

Nas has not yet responded to this challenge.

It should also be noted that Juicy is an admirer of Nas. Fans have been pointing to this old tweet from Juicy from 2013.

Juicy J's new single, "Gah Damn High," which features Wiz Khalifa, is dropping this Friday.