“It’s an Honor to Run Against You”: Kanye Congratulates Kamala Harris on VP Nomination

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"It's an Honor to Run Against You": Kanye Congratulates Kamala Harris on VP Nomination
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“I know my mom and Kamala Harris would have been friends.”

Though it’s objectively impossible for him to win, Kanye West is still pretending his presidential campaign has a leg to stand on. Following suit, the rapper-turned-White-House-hopeful offered a congratulatory tweet to Kamala Harris for securing the nomination for Vice President in Joe Biden’s still-forming cabinet.

Earlier today, West capped a rambling day-long Twitter tirade (which included his thoughts on underutilized emojis and a grip of insanely random photos) with a few stately words for the California Senator. “I know my mom and Kamala Harris would have been friends … congratulations on being the democratic Vice President nominee,” the rapper wrote, signing off with the predictably delusional tag “all love and respect from your future president.” He closed out the rare moment of half-baked humility with “it’s an honor to run against you.”

West announced his campaign for president on the 4th of July, but has since failed to meet filing deadlines in most states, including his home state of Illinois, where he was removed from the ballot for submitting a petition for his inclusion with mostly invalid signatures. He’s currently only eligible to appear on ballots in Oklahoma, Vermont, and Colorado, which effectively makes him a high-profile write-in candidate with virtually no shot of securing the portion of electoral college votes (270) needed to win the election.

A recent poll indicated the rapper would secure just 2% of the popular vote. And it’s still unclear which party is taking the hit. But odds be damned, West’s campaign is somehow still drudging on.

Read his congratulatory tweet below.

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