Chance The Rapper’s Non-Profit Launches Black History Month Film Festival
Chance The Rapper’s Non-Profit Launches Black History Month Film Festival

Update: Chance The Rapper Says He is Not Releasing an Album This Week

Update: Chance The Rapper went to Twitter and announced that he was not putting out an album this week. However, the rapper did reveal that he's in the studio.

See the original story below. 

New Chance The Rapper music coming soon

Last month, Chance The Rapper revealed that he was working on two albums. One was a seven-track project with Kanye West; the other was a collaborative album with Childish Gambino.

Apparently he was also working on another project. 

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Chance The Rapper sat down with the Chicago Tribune on Monday, July 16th, where he talked about some of his future plans. One of the things he revealed is that he's putting out an album this week, at the same time he would be headlining the Special Olympics.

Chance said: “I got that feeling when people do something that has a new feel to it. I’m excited for everybody to get that. It’s going to come out just in time for the Special Olympics.”

The rapper also hinted that he might be willing to sell this album, saying:

“I’ve never been against selling music...Music has value. I put my music out there for free because I wanted people to see and notice it as a beacon for what I’m doing, in terms of how unorthodox I wanted my approach and my delivery of each piece of music to be.”

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Chance also talked about his album with Kanye saying:

We’re up in the mountains around these wild animals — it’s very different out there — and we got some music done, and then he asked me if he could do an album with me...I don’t know of a timeline on it yet, the trajectory of it, but he’s coming here to work on it some more. We’ve just started making it, but I don’t want to manipulate the situation and impose any time frame, because that can hinder you.

Check out the entire interview here.

Source: Chicago Tribune