Kanye West donda 2
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Here's What We Know About Kanye West's Album 'DONDA 2'

With DONDA 2 slated to release today, here's everything we know about the new Kanye West album, which is said not be on streaming services.

Last month, Kanye West announced his February 22nd release for DONDA 2which will be executive-produced by Future. But with Ye's Instagram rants against former collaborators and the directors of Netflix doc Jeen-Yuhs over the past few weeks, the DONDA 2 rollout has been disorienting.

Last Thursday, Ye declared that DONDA 2 will only be released on his stem player, but avid fans are wondering if this is really the case. Will the album eventually be heard on streaming services? Will the album have a premiere event? Here's what we know:

How can we listen to DONDA 2?

Last August, Ye unveiled the release of his stem player, a device where fans can remix and customize any song to their liking. Last Thursday, he went to Instagram to double-down on his product, saying that he turned down a $100M deal with Apple Music and that DONDA 2 can only be heard through the handheld device. At $200, the stem player can be found on the product website.

Donda 2 will only be available on my own platform, the Stem Player,” Ye wrote on his Instagram post. “Not on Apple Amazon Spotify or YouTube. Today artists get just 12% of the money the industry makes. It’s time to free music from this oppressive system. It’s time to take control and build our own.”

Why is the album releasing on 2/22/22?

After announcing his new album, Kanye posted the significance of the date on his Instagram Story. According to astrologers, 2/22/22 is the date the US will experiences its Pluto return, and there will be major shift for the country.  This is a rare event, only happening every 248 years or so, with the last coming the year the country was founded, 1776. “Pluto returns are about the ends of empires, the changing of guards, and the transfer of power,” an astrologer Dana DeFranco told Bustle. “

Will there be a DONDA event?

Unlike last year's DONDA live events, Ye will be performing songs from the album instead of throwing a listening party. Last Saturday, Ye announced that the concert, called the DONDA 2 Experience, will be held at loanDepot Park in Miami on February 22nd. While nothing else is known about what guests will appear or how long the show will be, fans can purchase tickets here.

How can we watch the DONDA Experience?

For those unable to purchase the stem player, the livestream event will screen at IMAX theaters around the country. Tickets are between $20 and $30, and vaccinations are required for viewers in certain areas. On the website for tickets, the event is described as "a one-night only live concert from Miami featuring Kayne [sic] West performing his Grammy-nominated album DONDA, as well as a listening party for his new album DONDA2.”

Will the DONDA 2 Experience be streaming online?

You will be able to watch the DONDA 2 Experience live on StemPlayer.com The stream is supposed to start at 9 pm EST.

Who will be featured on DONDA 2?

While brushing off rumors about a misunderstanding between him and JAY-ZThe Game made an Instagram post to dispute Wack 100's claims and that he's collaborating with Ye on the new album. The two last recorded single "Eazy" which released in January.

"My life & new album are both amazing & I’m in a great space creatively & artistically. I’m in Miami to help Ye’ finish DONDA 2 & support my friend in one of the most pivotal times of his life/career. Leave me & my name out of any NEGATIVE conversations unless I have given you a REAL reason to include me !!!" Game wrote.

Last month, Moneybagg Yo posted a text exchange between him and Kanye, confirming that he will be featured on the album.

One person who won't be on DONDA 2 — Kid Cudi. Kanye publicly said Cudi won't be appearing on the album because of his relationship with  Pete Davidson, who is dating Kim Kardashian.