DJ Frosty C’s New Tape Blends Tupac Bars with Nujabes and Fat Jon’s ‘Samurai Champloo’ Score

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DJ Frost C's New Tape Blends Tupac Bars with Nujabes and Fat Jon's 'Samurai Champloo' Score
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The iconic soundtrack to an anime classic is reimagined with a rap legend’s touch.

In the years following Tupac‘s death, Japanese animation staged a full-on takeover. And though it’s hard to know whether the rap icon would have taken to the minimalistic hip-hop production that defined so much of the genre’s aesthetic over the subsequent decade, a new tape puts the late rapper right into the fold.

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My Departure Home, a new mash-up project from DJ Frosty C, bridges seemingly distant eras and regions of hip-hop’s map, stitching classic verses from the late rapper into selections from Nujabes and Fat Jon‘s Samurai Champloo soundtrack. It arrives on the heels of a renewed reverence for the catalog of the deceased lo-fi pioneer, whose work has been the subject of a handful of twist-ups throughout the last few months.

Hear Tupac bars over a grip of Samurai Champloo soundtrack standouts on DJ Frosty C’s My Departure Home tape below. Hold tight for his next transmission.

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