All Of Big Boi's Three Children Have Their Own Turntables & Vinyl Collections

All Of Big Boi's Three Children Have Their Own Turntables & Vinyl Collections

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A+ parenting.

Big Boi exposing his children to music on turntable as kids is likely why they’re vinyl collectors now.

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Speaking to Fatherly, the Outkast rapper was asked how he introduced his three children to music. His response?

“Turntable. Yep. Actually, all three of my kids have turntables,” he said. “They have vinyl collections and when they go buy music, they physically buy the albums.  My daughter has a crazy collection of everything.”

As for where they like to cop their vinyl from? His daughter is a fan of Urban Outfitters but they’re also fans of Atlanta record shop Wax n’ Facts.

Big Boi’s youngest son, Cross Patton, recently graduated from high school. André 3000 was in attendance for the graduation, resulting in countless news headlines jokingly saying that Outkast had reunited.

When asked if Outkast reunited at Patton’s graduation, Big Boi told Fatherly:

“Absolutely not. We did not perform! There was some stuff about an Outkast reunion in the news, but we’ve got a life outside of these things. André and I have been best friends — brothers — since we were like 15-years-old and people came to know us as a group, Before the group, there was Antwan and André, the friends. And now, we’re doing what we do best, which is just living like we earned to live. We’re just enjoying it.”

Source: Fatherly

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