Redman Method Man Verzuz Battle
Redman Method Man Verzuz Battle
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The Best Moments From the Redman vs. Method Man 4/20 Edition 'Verzuz' Battle

Redman and Method Man have been releasing music that's spoken to their prestigious spots in the rap canon for nearly three decades. On Tuesday evening, during their Verzuz the friends shared moments, stories and more with thousands of viewers.

For many 4/20 is a joy-filled holiday that offers you time to sit with your thoughts, weed and the company of friends and family. Unfortunately, this year, the day was met with the Derek Chauvin verdict which added an eerie feeling to the celebratory moments that 4/20 often is marked by. Chauvin was found guilty of all charges related to George Floyd's death. 

Since another installment of Verzuz was already scheduled for later that evening, hip-hop fans centered their thoughts, feelings, and attention on the match-up between Redman and Method Man. Rather than the typical battle style that Verzuz has become known for, the evening took the concert approach. 

From the very beginning, it was clear that both artists have a high level of respect for one another and the music they’ve both been creating over the past three decades. DJ Scratch was also the center of attention as he narrated the momentous occasion. The duo shouted out Def Jam before they delved into their classics and well-known cuts.

Below we’re getting into the best and most noteworthy moments of the Redman vs. Method Man Verzuz. 

1. Redman’s “How To Roll A Blunt” vs. Method Man’s “What The Blood Clot Ft. RZA & Y. Kim”

The vibes were set as soon as both rappers started the Verzuz off with these tracks. The energy started off on a distinct high note mainly due to the camaraderie and brotherhood that was displayed as these songs rang off.

2. Russell Simmons' Strange Appearance 

A moment that was a bit off-putting was when Russell Simmons appeared via FaceTime during the battle. The accused abuser who has been taken to task publicly before and after HBO’s On The Record was all smiles as Method Man and Redman spoke to him. 

3. Redman’s “Tonight’s Da Night” vs. Method Man’s “Method Man”

By the time “Tonight’s Da Night” hit, it was clear that Redman was putting his all into each rendition of his deep cuts, this performance was also energetic and presented why he’s one of the most regarded lyricists. On the other hand, Method Man’s self-titled song off Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) also was a special moment. 

4. Redman’s “Da Goodness” and “Let’s Get Dirty (I Can’t Get In Da Club Ft. DJ Kool)”

Redman’s flow was effortlessly displayed when these two tracks were playing by DJ Scratch. Honestly, it was almost as if time stood still as he took the stage. DJ Kool ran up on stage and shared the “Let’s Get Dirty” moment with Redman.

5. DJ Kool Performs “Let Me Clear My Throat” 

Since DJ Kool dropped by he also blessed viewers with a special performance of his iconic “Let Me Clear My Throat.” When he was done, he shared that it was the 25-year anniversary of the club anthem. 

6. Wu-Tang Reunion 

When Inspectah Deck and RZA made a surprise appearance to share the hit “Wu-Tang Ain't Nuthin to F-- With” it was clear this evening was created to pay homage to all of the hip-hop legends that are still alive. This moment was IT.

7. Method Man’s “A-YO” & Conway The Machine’s “Lemon Ft. Method Man”

“A-YO” was given a little moment of time to shine and that was quite fitting. But Conway The Machine’s “Lemon” proves that Method Man’s sound is timeless and has inspired the guttural, lyrically driven rap collectives like Griselda. The link-up between these talents made for great music.

Final Moments

We hate to stop here, but the final deep cut “Da Rockwilder” off the album Blackout! was well worth the wait, Rockwilder who produced the track also made an appearance on the stage. Both acts were excited to share this one with viewers. 

Beyond the moments we’ve highlighted, we feel it’s particularly important that both Method Man and Redman paid homage to the late rapper Black Rob who recently passed over the weekend. At another point during the evening, they also honored Phife Dawg and DMX

Let's not ever forget when Mary J. Blige's "I'll Be There For You/You're All I Need to Get By" rang off. That was another moment that'll forever stand the test of time.

If you thought you were tuning in for a battle similar to Young Jeezy and Gucci Mane’s, you probably were disappointed. Redman and Method Man were kindred spirits on stage during their Verzuz. The stories and energy they shared with viewers Tuesday night were a treat and overall it drove the point home that rather than competitors they view one another as brothers.