Viral Video Breaks Down How We’ve All Been Rapping Audio Two’s “Top Billin” Wrong

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Viral Video Breaks Down How We've All Been Rapping Audio Two's "Top Billin" Wrong
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Specifically the “Suckers that’s down with me” line from “Top Billin.”

Looks like we’ve been rapping a specific but crucial part of Audio Two’s “Top Billin” wrong for almost 33 years.

On Monday (September 7) afternoon, rapper and DJ Mad Skillz shared a video on Twitter where he broke down the “Suckers that’s down with me” line from the classic hip-hop song. In it, he clarifies what rapper Kirk “Milk Dee” Robinson is actually saying in the line, which is: “Suckers that’s down with ne / ither one of us, that’s how I feel.”

“According to Milk Dee, he never said ‘down with me.’ The correct lyric is ‘Gizmo’s cuttin’, up for the / Suckers that’s, down with ne / ither one of us, that’s how I feel,” Skillz explained in the video. “It’s neither. He took the next bar and continued to the word.”

The viral video includes screengrabs of James Poyser, Affion Crockett, Don Cannon, DJ Green Lantern and Big Pooh offering up surprised faces after learning about the clarification from Skillz.

“For 33 years we’ve all been saying this s**t wrong,” Skillz said, before finishing off the video by revealing someone who always knew what Milk Dee was actually saying in that line — Black Thought. It’s unsurprising that one of hip-hop’s best MCs never got stumped by the line like the rest of us.

“Top Billin” was released back in October 15, 1987, and was released as the B-side of the single “Make It Funky” from Audio Two’s album What More Can I Say?

Check out other people’s reactions to the video below.

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