Take an Interactive Tour of Adam Yauch's Amazing Studio
Take an Interactive Tour of Adam Yauch's Amazing Studio
Source: Mat Szwajkos

Take an Interactive Tour of Adam Yauch's Iconic Oscilloscope Studio

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If you loved the Beastie Boys you'll love this

This Sunday, August 5th, is the birthday of the late, great Beastie Boys legend Adam Yauch, better known as MCA.

Yauch, who died in 2012, would have been 54.

To celebrate the legendary rapper, Oscilloscope Laboratories collaborated with Red Bull Music Academy and MediaMonks to do something really cool.

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The three entities launched an online experience called The House that Yauch Built, an interactive journey through the musical, cultural, and philanthropic achievements and legacies of MCA.

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Basically if you head here, you'll be able to virtually tour Oscilloscope Laboratories, Yauch's original Canal Street studio and office. Play around on the site and you'll also notice never-before released content such as Seth Rogen speaking on the Beastie Boys’, Spike Jonze and Samantha Storr discussing "Fight For Your Right Revisited," and more.

Head here to experience the whole thing.

Source: RedBullMusicAcademy