'Chasing Trane' Documentary Brings John Coltrane's Legacy To Life
'Chasing Trane' Documentary Brings John Coltrane's Legacy To Life

$20,000 Will Get You This 'One Of A Kind' John Coltrane Vinyl

'Chasing Trane' Documentary Brings John Coltrane's Legacy To Life

A Love Supreme is highly regarded as John Coltrane's greatest album, and now a test pressing of the seminal album is available for purchase.

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An original mono test pressing of A Love Supreme is currently being sold on eBay. The seller, thesoundofblue, claims to have purchased the test pressing "a few years ago at Academy Records in NYC," according to FACT.

"Someone also pointed out that where it says Coltrane it looks like his signature," the seller added. "I am not real sure about that. He usually signed his full name. No idea who Ken Coltrane is."

The pressing has A-77 A and A 77-B etched in the dead wax, as well as a Van Gelder (the recording engineer who recorded A Love Supreme) stamp on both sides. The seller describes the item as a "one of a kind piece of history."

So, how much is this rare vinyl selling for? $20,000. Yup, $20,000.

Late last year, Philadelphia unveiled a new mural dedicated to the legendary jazz saxophonist. The mural was built following the removal of another Coltrane mural in 2014.

"I wanted it to be rich and vibrant, similar to his music, but also layered and complex," Ernel Martinez, the mural's creator,  said. "I wanted the mural to reflect his humanity, more than anything else: his eyes, the love of this music and his instrument. I wanted to evoke that warmth, that emotion, that glow you get through his music in the mural."

Source: FACT