JAY-Z sitting with HaHa Davis in front of bread
Photo Credit: HaHa Davis

HaHa Davis Settles the "Lunch with JAY-Z or $500K" Debate

Comedian and actor HaHa Davis reflected on his first time meeting with Jay-Z on Uninterrupted show The Shop.

For years, social media has repeatedly joked about whether budding entrepreneurs should take $500k or a meal with with JAY-Z. In a new interview, comedian HaHa Davis makes the case for taking the lunch (or dinner) with Jay over $500,000.

The 30-year-old comedian and actor, legal name Carlos Davis, detailed the 2019 one hour meeting he had with JAY-Z while appearing on the Uninterrupted show The Show, with fellow guests Amin Joseph (Snowfall), Tee Grizzley, Devin Haney, Paul Rivera and host Maverick Carter.

“I enjoyed the lunch with Jay,” Davis said on The Shop. “When I met Jay, he sat down and his shirt didn’t wrinkle. Like, what type of money is that?” he added while the room broke into laughter.

“And when we was sitting down, they asked was we hungry. Jay was like, ‘Nah, I’m straight.’ We was starving but we couldn’t be the only ones eating and Jay not eating. We left there starving!” Davis exclaimed.

While Davis went home for sustenance, he admitted that Hov’s advice from the meeting resulted in several business opportunities. The Shop episode makes the most recent time Davis has talked about the meeting. In 2022, Davis appeared on Million Dollaz Worth of Game, where he reflected on Hov complimenting his viral slogans.


“Hov was just telling me about how the slogans I was coming up with at the time, muthafuckas were paying millions of dollars to come up with these slogans, but I was doing it with ease,” he said. “He was like, ‘You on the internet doing this shit with ease!’

Davis added, “At the time, I didn’t know how good this shit really was — to this day, I really don’t know how good it was. To come off the internet and muthafuckas go take your shit and make it seem like they came up with it like they’ve been in the green room all this time coming up with some great material. Y’all niggas stole this shit six months ago!”

Watch the full episode below.

“With us, the hustle start early” | The Shop: Season 6 Episode 6 | FULL EPISODE | UNINTERRUPTEDwww.youtube.com