Joss Stone’s ‘Project Mama Earth’ Inspired Her To Travel The World [Interview]

Source: GQ

Source: Joss Stone

Inspired by the sounds of music around the world, Joss Stone create an organic soundtrack to showcase her new life on Project Mama Earth.

While on a world tour in 2015, Joss Stone was inspired by the musicians she jammed with around the globe, picking up different styles of singing, sounds, scales and ways to record. Her journey inspired her to create her seventh solo album, Water for Your Soul. In similar fashion, Project Mama Earth, an EP released last week (TK), is inspired from musicians from her continued world tour (her plan is to visit every country in the world) and from Mother Nature’s gifts around the world.

She has moved effortlessly between genres like R&B, rock and funk and mixing genres together like reggae and hip-hop. As a musical purist, she is on a continuous path to find inspiration to spawn new music. In the case of Project Mama Earth, she assembled her band (Nitin Sawhney on guitar, Jonathan Joseph on drums, Etienne M’Bappe on bass and guitar and Jonathan Shorten on keyboards) for the project that long-time collaborator Jonathan Joseph proposed to her. Joseph had written a drum book that focused on two ancient Cameroonian rhythms, Mangambe and Bikutsi and he wanted to do a project showcasing those rhythms.

The caveat that Joss proposed was that they prepare nothing. No songs written. No chord charts, no game plan whatsoever. The music would happen organically.

Ten days later they had an EP of five songs.

“Everything was really created in the moment,” said M’Bappe. “That was really just a mind-blowing experience. It’s like when you’re cooking. You open up your fridge, see what you’ve got and suddenly you’re creating a great dish. This EP was really intense in terms of creativity.”

@Okayplayer talked to Joss Stone about the making and the release of the album. Enjoy!

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