Frank Ocean's book 'Mutations.'
Photo credit: Frank Ocean/Homer.

Frank Ocean Continues Work With Homer​, Releasing the Photo Book 'Mutations'

New Frank Ocean book ‘Mutations’ is a 48-page book with images shot by the singer-songwriter himself.

Seven years after the release of his massive Boys Don’t Cry zine, Frank Ocean has published a new book via Homer. Titled Mutations, the 48-page booklet features images shot between October 19 to December 22, 2022 by the singer-songwriter.

In 2021, Ocean partnered with Homer for a pricey collection, including silk scarves and jewelry. The collaboration continued into last August, when the 35-year-old also dropped a line of accessories featuring a keychain, pendants, and a diamond-encrusted NSFW toy. Around the same time, Ocean launched a special edition of his longtime Apple Music 1 radio show blonded Radio, titled Homer Radio, which he described as, “a one-hour window into what plays around our office after hours.”

While Ocean has continued to work with the luxury brand, he last performed at Coachella in April, where his scheduled two-weekend shows turned into a one-night-only engagement. Calling his first headlining show at Coachella “chaotic,” Ocean canceled his second performance due to a leg injury. However, the artist still made time to tease new music during his April 16 show.

“It’s been so long. Everybody I’ve talked to has said how long it’s been, so long, so long… but I have missed you,” he said. “I want to talk about why I’m here, because it’s not because of the new album. Not that there’s not a new album, but there’s not right now. It’s not right now.”

Ocean is also reportedly directing his first feature-length film with media companies A24 and 2AM, its working title rumored to be Philly.