Lil Nas X looking concerned on the set of the Eric André show.
Photo credit: Adult Swim, screengrab.

Eric André & Lil Nas X Go Troll to Troll In ‘The Eric Andre Show’ Segment

Lil Nas X got the shock of his life by meeting Eric Andre’s possessed desk in the season five premiere of The Eric Andre Show on Adult Swim.

Lil Nas X got out-trolled by troll master Eric André on the sixth season premiere of the hit Adult Swim comedy series The Eric André Show. A preview for the episode shows the two-time Grammy-winner being riddled with questions by André, who says the artist looks like he’s “gonna motorcycle through a ‘Tron’ remake.”

The 24-year-old then jumps into asking the host about his belief in the Illuminati, which André confirms before his desk takes on a possessed appearance. “Okay, I’m returning that to the store,” Andre responds.

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The segment takes a strange turn when André gets sprayed with a mystery substance and begins drooling while questioning Lil Nas X. The Montero artist shows visible confusion before castmate Felipe Esparza busts through the set at the preview’s end.

Apparently the odd bit was a win for André, who spoke to Rolling Stone ahead of the season’s premiere on June 4.

“It was great because he’s very sensitive, so he was easily affected by every prank we threw at him. He’s kind of the ideal guest,” André told Rolling Stone. “He was very happy on the way out because he said something to us like, ‘This is my Oscar. It’s more important that I did this show in my life than win a Grammy or any award. This is a seminal moment in my life.’ But we ruined his outfit. We dropped this ice cream — it’s not clay — from the sky onto the desk and didn’t know it was going to drench him. It was very tense.”

Lil Nas X, born Montero Lamar Hill, released his debut album Montero in 2022. Last year, the artist embarked on his global Long Live Montero Tour, also appearing on The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder and releasing singles “Late to da Party” with YoungBoy Never Broke Again and “Lost in the Citadel.”