Watch the Second Trailer For 'Venom'
Watch the Second Trailer For 'Venom'
Source: Sony Pictures

Tom Hardy is Menacing as Hell in the Latest 'Venom' Trailer

Watch the Second Trailer For 'Venom' Source: Sony Pictures

Spider-Man's main nemesis is getting his own movie

Sony Pictures has released the latest trailer for its upcoming Venom movie.

The trailer, the third and presumingly the last before the movie is released on October 5th, reveals key plot details.  

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We learn that the lead character Eddie Brock. played by Tom Hardy, is a journalist who finds a fishy-looking lab that is conducting sketchy experiments on people. (The scientist in the lab is played by The Night Of'sRiz Ahmed.)

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Soon Brock becomes part of the experiment, turning into the Venom, and joining a whole gang of people who have also turned into monsters.

This is the first trailer we get a good look at the Venom and his voice. Watch the trailer below.