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Photo Credit: NardwuarServiette (YouTube)

Watch Tyler, the Creator & Nardwuar Talk Q-Tip & More

Tyler, the Creator and Nardwuar the Human Serviette reconnect in a new interview, where the two chatted at Beat Street Records in Vancouver.

Tyler, the Creator and Nardwuar link up. In their fifth interview together, the two met at Beat Street Records in Vancouver, where Tyler – fresh off his Call Me If You Get Lost tour – flipped through throwback hip-hop magazines and "Space Jam-esque" action figures of his likeness. During the segment, Nardwuar revealed that most of the items he showed Tyler in past interviews came from Beat Street Records.

While grabbing a November 1999 issue of The Source, Tyler declared cover star Q-Tip "the God."

“Man, the God,” Tyler said while pulling out the issue. “This is the God. The Godfather. The real Godfather, man.”

The rapper also shared that Q-Tip attended his recent tour stop at Madison Square Garden.

“He’s so ill. He came to the show in New York. I was so hyped that he got to see that," Tyler said.

According to HipHopDX, during a concert stop in Portland, Tyler gave Q-Tip his flowers for his 1999 album Amplified, which Tyler says inspired Call Me If You Get Lost.

“[Q-Tip] was the weird backpack nigga that put this album out where he was like, ‘Hey y’all, don’t get it twisted. I’m fucking whoever, I’m driving whatever, I’m doing whatever,’” he told the crowd. “And without that album, Call Me If You Get Lost wouldn’t exist, so thank you Q-Tip for setting the blueprint.”

Both Tyler's Call Me If You Get Lost album and tour have been record-breaking, with the rapper boasting the largest vinyl release for a solo male artist, selling 49,500 in its first week. Per Billboard, Tyler reportedly earned $32.6 million from his recent nationwide tour, which ended in April.