Kanye is “Praying” for Issa Rae After Catching a Stray Jab in a ‘SNL’ Sketch

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“I’ve always said SNL uses black people to hold other black people back.”

Never one to let a mention slip by, Kanye fired back at Issa Rae and Saturday Night Live this morning after getting namedropped in a sketch last night.

The Chicago rapper commenced a day of nonsequitur tweets (which veered into pro-life rhetoric and featured a quote from hyper-capitalist evangelical pastor, Joel Osteen,) by “praying” for Rae and her family.  “I’ve always said SNL uses black people to hold other black people back,” West wrote. He added, “My heart goes out to Issa Rae I’m praying for her and her family. And as if to imply he paved the way for Rae, the rapper went on to state, “I know that the twenty years of service that I’ve paid in the entertainment field has furthered our ability to be more successful.”

To be clear, West appeared to be responding to Rae capping a sketch about blindly supporting Black politicians in the rapper’s hometown of Chicago with a potentially (but probably not) adlibbed, “Kanye? F him.” The sketch riffed on a Black billionaire who owns a software development company and happens to be a libertarian, a former strip-club-chain-owner-turned-pastor who might also be a tax fraud specialist, and a viral duo of Black women named “Crystal and Caviar” who amplify GOP talking points.

You can watch the SNL sketch above and read Kanye’s tweet below. It’s also worth noting, with just two weeks left until Election Day, the rapper is still somehow continuing his bid for the White House and recently released the first ad for his campaign. It featured a Freddie Gibbs doppelganger and what appeared to be a Deathstar-ish spaceship surveilling the earth. Needless to say, it seems the spectacle will run right up until the final ballots are counted.

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