Watch a Ferocious Teaser for Netflix's 'The Punisher'
Watch a Ferocious Teaser for Netflix's 'The Punisher'
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Watch a Ferocious Teaser for Netflix's 'The Punisher'

Frank Castle's embattled backstory comes to life in a new teaser for Netflix's latest breakout series

Netflix and Disney may be on the outs, but it doesn't appear that the Marvel properties are going anywhere in a hurry (at least not the shows, for the moment.)

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Today, the comic book and steaming giants have released their new crossover series, The Defenders, but didn't stop there. On top their latest binge-worthy venture, a new show has been officially announced with the release of a ferocious new teased for The Punisher. The brooding anti-hero's backstory is pieced together in a driving, quick-edit clip that continues the expansion of the Marvel universe in both directions, shading both past and future through Frank Castle's grizzled narration (portrayed by Jon Bernthal, who debuted as the character in the second season of Daredevil.)

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Watch the new teaser for The Punisher up top and dive into The Defenders on Netflix today. Keep an eye on us for the show's premiere date, still rumored for this year.