Watch the Official Trailer for 'Atlanta: Robbin' Season'

Watch the Official Trailer for 'Atlanta: Robbin' Season'

Atlanta Robbin' Season is upon us in new season 2 trailer

Source: YouTube

The second season of FX’s Atlanta is set to premiere on March 1st

Robbin’ Season is approaching. The first official trailer for Atlanta Robbin’ Season has just been released.  

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The trailer is light on specific plot details, but we some new scenes from the upcoming season, as Earn, played by Donald Glover, tries to help advance Paper Boi’s (Brian Tyree Henry) rap career along.

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On the new trailer, we hear characters make multiple mentions of a “robbin’ season.” Obviously, we don’t know what that means yet, but it seems like someone or something is getting taxed.

The release of the official trailer follows the two psychedelic teasers that dropped. Atlanta Robbin Season comes out on FX on March 1st.

Watch the official trailer for season two below.  

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