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Was LeBron James Actually Listening to Migos In 2010?

Twitter is calling LeBron James a liar after he claimed being a fan of Migos in 2010, one year before their first mixtape released.

Migos fans are calling cap on LeBron James. On Sunday night (November 6th) James showed up to the Lakers game against the Cleveland Cavaliers dressed up like Takeoff, honoring the rapper who was killed in Houston last week. During the post game press conference, the Lakers player claimed that he first heard the rap trio in 2010 while playing for the Miami Heat.

Fans of the Georgia-bred group immediately clapped back, mentioning that Migos' debut mixtape, titled Juug Season, was released August 2011.

"I've been listening to those guys for so long," James told reporters. "I was listening to those guys my first year with the Heat in 2010. You can ask any of my teammates back then who had no idea who Migos was. They're like cursing me out when I would play it throughout the weight room, throughout the locker room. I was like, I'm telling you these guys are next."

James was wearing dark shades, a Black suit, and Jesus medallion that replicated what the Migos rapper wore during the birthday party of Quality Control label CEO Pierre "P" Thomas. The basketball player also changed his profile picture to an image of Takeoff.

"If you know me any then you know how much I love @yrntakeoff," James wrote in the caption. "Still doesn't feel real to me! Rest in Paradise Rocket Man."

Although James intended to sing Migos' praises, Twitter users pointed out that this isn't the first time that he's "lied" before. Check out what others had to say below.