Capitol Riot
Capitol Riot
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This Rapper Shot His Album Cover During the Capitol Riot... Now He's Facing Federal Charges

Antionne Brodnax claims he was only at the Capitol riot to take pictures and videos.

On January 6th, supporters of Donald Trump converged on Washington, D.C. to riot at the U.S. Capitol. In the months afterwards, the FBI has asked the public to help identify suspects involved. Last week Antionne Brodnax, also known as a rapper named Bugzie the Don, was charged with four federal charges including unlawful entry and disorderly conduct.

A native of Sandston, Virginia, Brodnax used photos taken at the Capitol riot for his album cover, The Capital. The photos quickly spread on social media, leading the government to demand access to his online profiles. According to court documents, Brodnax claims he was already in the area shooting a music video, and entered the building "peacefully" to take pictures and video of the architecture."

Brodnax can be seen inside the National Statuary Hall asking a woman to take a picture of him at a statue of Norman Borlaug. Investigators also received a screenshot of a now-deleted post on Instagram showing Brodnax in front of the statue. Another tip from the public included a picture of him sitting atop a Capitol Police SWAT truck. The government has subpoenaed Twitter and Facebook to find additional since-deleted posts. Brodnax's attorney claims the move is in violation of Brodnax's constitutional rights.

According to The Washington Post, Brodnax referenced rumors that he was at the Capitol riot on two tracks on his album: "The Capital Skit" and "The Capitol Interview Skit, Pt. 2."