Sons & Brothers' WHM Portrait Series Celebrates New Female Leaders

Sons & Brothers' WHM Portrait Series Celebrates New Female Leaders

In honor of the last day of Woman’s History Month, Sons and Brothers have honored several female leaders with their own illustrated portraits.

As a part of their Women’s History Month Portrait Series, Sons and Brothers (with illustrator Kelly Shami) spotlighted women such as Carmen Perez, Luvvie Ajai, Ai-Jen Poo, Clarita “Clara” Nieblas and Ilhan Omar.

All year, Sons And Brothers have honored the heroes and hundreds of individuals that have fought and continue to fight the injustices faced by our communities,” a statement reads. “Throughout March, we recognized the journeys of our female identified leaders and the ways in which they have made today possible and are working to create a more just future.”

This year marked the Women’s March On Washington against Donald Trump. The march reportedly had three times more people in attendance than Trump’s inauguration, with nearly half a million marchers inside the nation’s capital.

Artists, activists, journalists, celebrities and politicians including Janelle Monae, Alicia Keys, Angela Davis, Madonna, Van Jones, Michael Moore, and many others all came out to Washington D.C. to speak and participate in the march.

Davis’ speech was one of the more notable, with the iconic activist saying:

“The freedom struggles of black people that have shaped the very nature of this country’s history cannot be deleted with the sweep of a hand. We cannot be made to forget that black lives do matter. This is a country anchored in slavery and colonialism, which means for better or for worse the very history of the United States is a history of immigration and enslavement. Spreading xenophobia, hurling accusations of murder and rape and building walls will not erase history.”

“The next 1,459 days of the Trump administration will be 1,459 days of resistance: Resistance on the ground, resistance in the classrooms, resistance on the job, resistance in our art and in our music.”

Check Sons and Brothers’ portrait series above.

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