Samuel L. Jackson
Samuel L. Jackson
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Samuel L. Jackson's Five Favorite Samuel L. Jackson Movies May Surprise You

Samuel L. Jackson joined The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to talk COVID-19, what he's watching, and his own filmography.

Many artists find it awkward to consume the art they produce, however Samuel L. Jackson is decidedly not one of them. On Wednesday, the award-winning actor joined The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to talk about life during quarantine, what he's been watching lately, and much more. Stream the interview below. Just over five minutes into the conversation, Colbert asked Jackson if he ever watched his own films, to which he incredulously replied "uh, yeah?"

"Some actors lie to you about that," he continued. "They watch their's a 'watch me' business. That's why we're here. I got into this because I love acting, but when I was doing theater I always wanted to watch the plays I was in with me in them. And I couldn't. So with the opportunity to make stuff and then watch it, then yes, I watch it. If I'm channel surfing and I haven't found something that I want to watch, and I pass something I'm in, I watch it."

Jackson called into The Late Show from the set of a forthcoming project to discuss his role in The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard. Additionally, he's working on the Marvel series Secret Invasion and What If? According to IMDb, he's voicing a character in the animated adventure comedy Blazing Samurai.

Colbert went a bit further, asking if he had a top five list of his favorite Samuel L. Jackson movies. In no stated order, Jackson offered these five films: Long Kiss Goodnight, A Time to Kill, Jackie Brown, Red Violin, and One Eight Seven.

Jackson also shared his top five films, regardless of his involvement: The RaidThe Godfather, Hard Boiled, Hoodlums, and The Berlin File.