Us entertainment bet awards show 3
Us entertainment bet awards show 3
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Rihanna Releases a "Visual" Autobiographical Book

The 504-page book will feature over 1,000 exclusive images.

Rihanna has officially announced her newest project on Instagram, a luxe coffee table book. Detailing her busy career in entertainment and fashion, the eponymous hardcover book produced by Phaidon will be 504 pages long. The massive collection is coined a "visual autobiography" and will also note the global star's worldwide tours in addition to special moments.

According to Pitchfork, over 1,000 photographs will showcase Rihanna's "life as a musician, performer, designer, and entrepreneur." When speaking of the book, she shared, "I'm very grateful to the talented photographers and artists who contributed. We’ve been working on the book for over five years, and I'm really happy to be able to finally share it with everybody."

The large-format edition of Rihanna will ship out on October 24 and prices out at $150. Additional editions of the release include collaborations between The Haas Brothers and Rihanna. Head to the book's official webstore to purchase Rihanna and for more information.